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101 - Helen, Maycie & Katy 
101 Class 
101 Class 
101 Class 
101 Spring 24NBI 101 Spring 2024
102 - Danielle, Alysaa & Lulu 
102 Fall 2023 Bullard 
102 Fall 2023 Milburn 
103 - Renee & Tony 
104 - Mikaela & Randy 
105 - Dave & Michelle 
201 - Abbie, Adrianna & Kellie 
201 Class 
201 Class 
201 Class 
201 Fall 2023 
201 Spring 24 Bullard 
201 Spring Milburn 24 
202 - Amber & Janel 
2023_24 JHSGJunior High Small Groups
2024 Man Camp 
203 - Paul & Mari 
301 - Aubrey, Natalie & Tina 
301 Class 
301 Class 
301 Class 
301 NBI Spring 24 
302 - Carroll, Frances, Kimberly & Ray 
401 - Angela & Becky 
401 Class 
401 Class 
401 Class 
402 - Lisa, Joy & Sabrina 
402 Fall 2023 Milburn 
403 - Ryan & Sonia 
40-60's Married Group 
40-60's Married Group 
5 Love Languages 
5 Love Languages 
7th Boys - Mike & Elijah 
7th Boys | Jimmy, Joey 
7th Boys | Paul, Alecks 
7th Girls - Taylor, Justine, Cameron 
7th Girls | Emma S, Genna G 
7th Girls | Julie & CeCe 
8th Boys - Jimmy & AndrewJimmy Brager
8th Boys | Elijah 
8th Girls - Julie & EmmaJulie Brager & Emma Ceja
8th Girls - Meghan & HannahMeghan Cowin & Hannah Dennis
8th Girls | Taylor, Emma C 
A Couples Small Group Leaders 
A Transformed 2024 Home Group LeadersAll home group leaders
A Transformed On Campus Leaders Tuesday EveningCommunication to the leaders
Adult Campus GroupsSmall Groups that meet on campus as a part of Corporate studies (like Mom2Mom, Women's Bible Study, Marriage Studies, etc.).
ALL 401 Parents and Volunteers 
All Group LeadersA communication group of all leaders for trainings & misc. information purposes: *Men's *Women's *Co-Ed *Couples *Young Professionals
Allsman-Women Tuesday 6:00pm 
Amos-Married/ Co-Ed Sundays 5:30pm 
Baker- Women Thursday 9:30am (Beginning 1/25) 
Baker-Table 2 
Banuelos-Co-Ed Online 
Battlezone Interest 
Better Together Small GroupGROUP STARTED: 3/8/2022 "Better Together" Small Group: meets every other Sunday 1pm-3pm in Lounge; Answer questions from the notes of Sunday’s service, pray for each other, share testimonies, volunteer, and share meals together because life is Better Together!
Bishop-Married-Table 19 
Borboa-Co-Ed Online 
Borchardt-Married/ Co-Ed Wednesdays 6:30pm 
C Bennett/MenCore 12 grads continue to work together in life
Caine-Table 24 
Ceja- Women 
Cervantes- Married Every Other Sunday 1:00pm (closed) 
Cervantez Spring 2024 
Co-Ed/BakerCindy and Barry host in their home on Thursday's
Co-Ed/Couples/Amos OPENGroup could be open to 1 or 2 new couples or singles. Ages mid 30's to 60 with kids. Meets by-weekly on Sundays at 4:30pm.
Co-Ed/Couples/Fasulo C & S OPEN"We are happy to have others join if they would like"
Co-Ed/Couples/Williams, S & J CLOSED 
Co-Ed/Demmers CLOSEDFirebaugh Small Group " Meets weekly in Demmers' home, will vary due to schedules" Richard Pacini (Misty) is not in ROCK
Co-Ed/Dittmar CLOSED 
Co-Ed/Garza L & M CLOSEDThursday's 3:30pm in the Garza Home via Google Meet Terri, Bernard & Helen live in Texas
Co-Ed/Johnston CLOSEDCo-Ed 60+ CAPACITY 10 Kim Scott non NP Leslie Jaramishian non NP
Co-Ed/Koole CAPACITY 16NOT IN ROCK: Barrett Eng contact 559-451-6518 Donald Hopper 559-836-2327 Tracie Hopper 559-408-930-1657
CORE 12 Alumni (ALL) 
Core 12 Prospects (2022) 
Couples/Bessey CLOSEDAt capacity; couples group that meets every other Wednesday at 6:30. Meets at rotating homes within the group NOT IN ROCK: Barbara Curran Kip & Tracy Green Bob & Jill Barnard Brad & Cathy Olson Bob & Debbie Bagdasarian
Couples/Cheek, A & S OPENMeets every other Tuesday 7:30pm Not in ROCK: Cody & Haley Boomersbach Hanna Jones Josh Bier
Couples/Guido F & H OPEN 
Couples/Williams K & E CLOSEDYoung & Married; Will continue meeting 10.8.20; 10/5/22 Ok so we are waiting to hear back from our group about the split. Em and I will host Mondays and we’re hoping a second fam can host Tuesdays. Our plan is to rotate on a three week basis. Week one - families and kids together for dinner Week two - dads and kids at one house while moms do study Week three - moms and kids at our house while dads do study Kyle and Emily williams Monday nights Probably closed? We are fairly large 6p Weekly Monday families : Andrew and Steph Kauffman James and Sydnie Gray Maybe Monday maybe Tuesday: Luke and Brittany DeGroot Jace and Johanna White Jeff and Elizabeth Jantzen Aaron and Ashley Graef
Couples/Zavala OPENOpen group on Tuesday's; casual environment
Crain- Co-Ed 
Davis-Table 3 
DeFrancesco-Table 4 
Demmers-Married-Table 20 
Dennie- ONLINE 
Espinoza-Table 6 
EstradaFriday Morning Women's Bible Study Group
Estrada- Sunday 1:00pm (closed) 
Estrada-Women Friday AM 
Family/IloriErin and Mike Brummel non NorthPointe
Finley Spring 2024 
Foglio-Friday 9:30 morning 
Gaitan- Table 14 
Gavrilis- (Verwey Hosting) Wednesday 6:00PM 
Geis-Table 7 
Goldsmith-Tuesday PM 
Goosev/Thursday AM 
Graham Spring 2024 
Ham-Table 15 
Harris-Co-Ed Online 
Hicks/Lehman- Friday Evenings (5:30pm) 
High School Groups 
Hogan-Married-Table 21 
Horner- Tuesday 6:30PM 
Hubbell-Table 16 
Jessen-Monday PM 
Junior High Groups 
Kauffman Co-Ed Thursdays 7:00pm 
KC Missions Communicationscommunications to parents re: Missions info and meetings
Kerman 40 Days of Community 
Khalachyan-Table 18 
KidsCore 2020/2021 
KidsCore 2021/2022 
KidsCore 2022/2023 
KidsCore 2023/2024 
KidsCore Leaders 
Koole-Table 8 
Larson-Table 9 
Life Group Leaders 
Luis Ching/OPENMeets every other Tuesday at Luis' home (no capacity, will figure something out if it ever gets too big) Daniel Ku NOT IN ROCK 7-9pm
Martinez Spring 2024 
Maxey- Married Tuesday 6:00pm 
Maximo-Men-Table 25 
McDougall-Co-Ed Sunday 6:00pm 
Men/AmosMen's Small Group in E8 Thursday's 6:30pm-8:00pm; Rick Burrow NOT IN ROCK
Men/Bennett OPENThursday's @ 6am Harry's Bagels Shaw & Marks
Men/Cain OPENMen's Group that meets Tuesday evenings both during and not during a Men's Bible Study P5 7pm-9pm
Men/Prayer/NewtonPrayer Group for men
Men/Ramirezstarted as a Starting Pointe group
Men/Rees CLOSED CONFIDENTIAL GROUPConfidential group- no roster available "CommonSense" Men's Sexual Integrity Group
Men/Reina OPENI run a Small Group, and we currently have 3 members. We meet at Starbucks on Shaw and 99 (across from In and Out ). Thursdays at 6:30pm
Men/Romero OPENOpen group, but may soon need to manage numbers Every Saturday 6am in the Lounge
Men/SchwehrThis group of men has been together for years, experiencing life together. We have overcome together so much. To list just a few: life threatening car accidents, military deployments, Cancer, births, deaths. Every time we get together we eat a meal, watch a bible teaching and discuss, have communion and pray for each other.
Men/Stanfield OPENFriday Morning Men's Small Group (Meets all year) We have breakfast together upon the completion of each study (every 6-8weeks). We have Second Saturday Coffee together at Panera. We are year-round, taking a short break at the end of the year (last 2 weeks of the year for the holidays). We have been going through the Old Testament, starting in Genesis, and are currently in I Kings. We are using the John MacArthur study guides to lead us through.
Men's Scripture on SaturdayMen's group for studying the Bible with Pastors
Men's Small Group Leaders 
Morris/Cheeks- Co-Ed Wednesday 6:00pm 
Navarro Co-Ed Thursdays 6:30pm 
Nazaroff-Monday PM 
NBI 101 Spring 2023 Milburn 
NBI 102 Fall 2022 
NBI 201 Fall 2022 
NBI 201 Spring 2023 
NBI 202 Spring 2023 
NBI 302 Fall 2022 
NBI 401 Spring 2023 
New Leaders 
Newton-Co-Ed Monday's 6:00pm 
Nickel/CLOSEDMeets on Tuesday's at 7pm; meet at Hannah & Kyler Nickel's home
NorthPointe Bible Institute (NBI)for all things NBI related.
NP KidsKids Core small groups
NP Kids Pit Crew 23/24 
NT1 Class 
NT2 Class 
OT1 Class 
Patzkowsky, Cindy & Darrel -Married Wednesday 7:00pm (closed) 
Patzkowsky, NKerman group
Patzkowsky, Travis Married 
Patzkowsky-Table 10 
Placencia-Table 28 
Ramirez- Married (closed) 
Re|Engage (Marriage) 
Re|Engage Kerman 
Renwick-Table 11 
Reynolds/ Trejo 
Reynolds-Table 12 
Romero-Wednesday 6:30pm 
Russell- Married-Table 23 
Russell-Co-Ed Thursday 6:00pm 
Sandy Williams & Cherie Williams-Muller-Table 5 
Schaefer- Men (closed) 
Smith-Table 17 
Souza- Thursday 6:30PM 
SP Couples - Thursdays 
Spring 2024 
Spring 2024 Leaders/ Groups 
Stacey- Table 13 
Transformed Big Heart-Table 27 
Transformed Campus Groups 
Transformed Co-Ed 
Transformed FauntLeRoy/Enough-Table 26 
Transformed Home Groups 
Transformed Kerman Groups 
Transformed Married 
Transformed Men 
Transformed Spanish 
Transformed Women 
Tuesday Morning Prayer GroupShane meets for prayer with this group
Valencia (formerly Avera)-Table 1 
Vass-Co Ed OnlineMonday's 6:30PM
Williams, Kyle & Emily-Married 
Williams, Steve & Jean-Co-Ed Tuesday 6:30pm 
Women/Freeman NOT A SMALL GROUP~CLOSEDMeets Tuesday morning/evening, monthly Thursday mornings. Attendees pick which time works for them; It's not a Small Group, but a Sept - May Bible study class. Average attendance, over the 3 times a week we meet, is 25. The class is closed. We've always come under Women's Ministry with Kristy & Kasey who support us with a NP campus room for our weekly Tuesday morning, evening meeting & monthly Thursday morning meeting.
Women/Gonzalez CLOSEDMeets Thursdays 6pm-8pm in the Lounge; Reading Through the Bible
Women's Thursday 2024 Spring Bible Study 
Women's Tuesday 2024 Spring Bible Study 
Yoder-Married- Table 22 
Young Professionals2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7pm Every 3rd Friday for Fun Friday
Zavala-Married (Closed)